Old 33 Auction House, formerly known as the Chouteau Auction for over 20 years, is a consignment auction  in addition to a host of other events such as the Swap meets and Jazz and Blues concerts.  We are unique in that we have an inside climate controlled auction house as well as outdoor auction rings.  We offer great food in our kitchen including barbeque smoked meat dinners.  We invite you to enjoy one of our auctions, swap meets, or concerts.  It truly is an enjoyable social event and a place to buy, sell, and exchange goods with your friends, nearby neighbors, and a friendly staff.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.  

Meet the Old 33 Auction Team below.​​


Concessions - The Egnor Twins


Ringman #1 - James Woolsey

Clerk - Cindy Woolsey

Auctioneers - David Ward

                         April Heidler

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